Saturday, May 15, 2010

"What's Up Chickenbutt?!"

This is the deal.  I love, love, love Susan Raihala's site Simplicity.  She rocks!!  I have evolved from a complicated cardmaker (lots of embellishments, papers, and techniques on one card) to a very simplified version of my former self.

In other words, when I am making a card, I slap the silly alter ego in me that wants to add...and add...and add.  Less is more, you know?  Well, its taken me four years to get the little witch under control but I think I have her mastered.  My hubby only wishes I would find the alter ego that likes to cook and bring her to the surface. Uh, not.  I'd like to have the thighs I had in high school but I don't have any @#$%&!  fairy dust so let it go.  Really honey, I've adjusted to having slappy thighs; you can learn to like chicken fries from Burger King.

Anyway, Susan' has a challenge on her site for a single layer card and this week, she added a twist; we need to add a ribbon.  Who doesn't love ribbon?

With the new blog up and running, I was pretty excited to participate and show her that I too, can create CAS cards.  Ha!!  Not bloody likely.

This is what happened; I love this little chick image from Imaginiesce Snag'em Stamps.  I used this really sparkly black embossing powder by Stampendous to make the little guy pop a little.
 Bart's favourite saying right now is "What's Up Chickenbutt?"  For some reason, it makes her giggle (she's 20 yrs old), but I get it. So the greeting inside is "....Chickenbutt?".
The problem is the damn ribbon.  It doesn't look right.  It's not balanced.  I made three versions.
But none work.  Sometimes it doesn't matter what you do, you can't fix a card.  I'm not a ribbon lover today.  I am going to slink off now to my craft room and clean up the disaster that erupted when I tried and tried and tried to pull off a really simple idea.  And blew it.

Susan, I bow to your superiority.

I am not worthy.

Stamps: Imaginisce Snag'em Stamps Bird
Bird coloured with Prism pencil crayons (not well, I might add)
Gingham ribbon from Wal-Mart
Sentiment from a cheap set from Wallie-Mart too


  1. Tee hee! Love the card and the sentiment. And I think you doth protest too much -- the colouring and the ribbon(s) look fine! If I had to pick, I like the look of the cheery yellow best, I think. I also know if I'd been making it, I would have reached for black... :P

  2. WHATS UP CHICKENBUTT! And mom, don't lie. You laugh too. Hell, Dad laughs too. Its a fun saying. All my defences aside, I think I agree with ^Lindsey's comment about the yellow. I think it looks like yellow binder twine, which matches with the chickie. When does the "StinkyButtPooPooHead" card come out? :P

  3. oh my goodness...your post made me giggle...I torture myself sometimes with embellishments too. I do like the way the ribbon is on the top card, by the way!!

  4. I agree with all of the above...what a laugh-out-loud card and all the ribbon options are great!

  5. This is cute and hilarious! I love the version with BOTH the gingham and yellow ribbon!

  6. I don't care what ribbon you use - I just love the card!!!