Saturday, May 15, 2010

Special Thanks to Liz, Donna and Rose-Marie and Tom at Frogs Whiskers Ink!

Liz is managing the blog for Frogs Whiskers Ink (Rosewood Stamps) and plans on posting the cards that I made for Rose-Marie for the Kitchener Scrapfest a few weeks ago.  Ro asked me to make up some samples to demo at the show and Liz is posting some of them.  Thank you Ladies!  It was a pleasure working for you.  I love being part of the Rosewood family!


  1. Just heard about your blog! Great stuff! Love your cards. I'll be visiting from time
    to time. BTE the dogs are not bad and the whippet is very loving....

  2. Thanks Olga! Very happy to see you checking in!

  3. The goldens are the BESTEST and the whippet - she takes some getting used to. LOL.