Friday, May 14, 2010

A brand new experience.....

Oh my Gosh!  Consider me officially up and running.  Thanks to my darling daughter, Bart, whose annoying finger prodded my back every day..."Are you blogging yet Mom?"  Not sure that this will be of any interest to anyone but my family, but here goes.....

I do have a bit of a quirky sense of humour.  Ok, ok..., those that know me would say its downright risque but I prefer to call it "Cheeky" --  hence the blog title.  I can only promise that I will warn you before I abuse your sensibilities with my cards or stories.

I got hooked on this addictive stamping habit when I was at a Bed 'n' Breakfast in Orangeville Ontario Canada about four years ago.  I was working that weekend at a dog show and the BnB was run by a clever lady who was a Stampin' Up demonstrator.

Clever, diabolical lady.  She knew a sucker when she saw one.

She was making wedding invitations on the kitchen table when I walked in and it was love at first sight.  Her artistry, her style her mass array of STUFF!  I worked  the dog show by day and raced back to the BnB so she could cavort with me through the meandering maze that is the Cardmaking; stamping (HOLYMOLY!) embossing (WOWEE!)| and glittering (OMG!) all night long.  I think I spent over $300.00 that weekend ordering all the goodies from her and waited with baited breath for the UPS man to deliver my treasures.   I have to confess - the UPS man - Darren - has made so many trips to our house that we now ask about each others' kids.  Nice guy.  I'm thinking he feels kinda sorry for my DH, Captain "T" but he's too polite to say anything.  Though, come to think of it, I have seen them exchange what I can only interpret as commiserating looks as they pass each other in the driveway......

I was so naive then.  *Sigh*  I thought I could just purchase the basics (embossing gun, clear, black and white embossing powder, five colours of pigment inks + Versmark, some coloured cardstock, a set of flower stamps, a set of universal sentiments and another set of mixed images) and be content.  Ha!  I can see you smiling from here.  My craft room is as well stocked as any retail stamping store, much to Captain T's chagrin and my daugher's amusement (She's the true artist in the family and is attending University for Fine Art Design).

I was also initiated into the difference between cardmaking and scrapbooking.  Who knew?  I am clearly a cardmaker.  I don't have the patience or the talent to make a scrapbook.   I want instant gratification and cardmaking fulfills that need quite nicely.  Frankly, I am in awe of scrapbookers and I like to check out their blogs but I admire only.  Much to my mother's disgust as she would love for me to take up that hobby and finally catalog all the photos she has collected in boxes under her bed.  Oh well...I've disappointed her by not becoming a Vet; I figure she's lucky I'm not addicted to body art - ie tatooing or personal piercings (not that there's anything wrong with it - she just doesn't like it). 
So, enough about me.  For my very first foray into the blog world, I am going to feature a card I did for a friend to give to her husband.    After you read the inscription, you will understand her relationship with her husband - the same quirky relationship I have with my partner of 27 years.  When I showed Captain T he chuckled and thought they should be mass produced; so I hope I don't offend anyone.

After all, I did warn you.

Stamps: Ducks - Rosie's Roadshow and coloured with Copics, cut out and popped up on dots
Grass- All Night Media and coloured with 2 shades of Marvy green markers 
Sentiment - My Favourite Things - Twisted Too and Versamark with black embossing powder
Cardstock - White


  1. Welcome to the world of bloggin crazy momma! I'm so.. -sniff-.... proud of you!... all by yourself!! -tear-... And I love those little duckies... soooooooo many uses!

  2. I Love the duckies too. Can't wait to see what other uses you'll find for them. Great start to your blog LL. Proud of ya. Now I'll be able to keep better tabs on you. HAHAHA

  3. Hey, well done you are now a member of those who feel it necessary to feel their obsession with the world. I can't believe you have only been stamping for 4 years.